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Face Workouts

Tailored to your skin concerns. Each of our facials are tailored to your skin concerns and specific needs as we suffer from environmental factors such as the sun, pollution, smoking, wind, rain, heat and air conditioning.

Wheather you are finding your skin dry and dehydrated, dull and lacking freshness or struggling with breakouts on your skin. This facial will rejuvenate your tired skin, brighten and hydrate and sooth and calm your skin leaving you ready to take on the world again.

Frequently Asked Questions

This is suitable for all skin types for men and women and is completely tailored to your skin care needs and concerns.

The therapist will choose the best products and ingredients for your skin which will begin with your skin analysis, cleanse, deep exfoliation, blackhead removal if needed, facial massage. Customised facial mask and Dermalux machine to further enhance your results.

A tailored Facial cost €135
A course of 4 Tailored Facials is €500