Milia Removal (White Head Removal)

These are tiny hard white lumps containing keratin which lie just under the surface of the skin. This occurs when dead skin cells and sebaceous matter gets trapped near the skin surface rather than exfoliate naturally. They’re often found on people with dry or dehydrated skin. They are easily treated with ACP technology leaving no mark.

Causes of Milia

  • Skincare products that contain oil especially mineral oil, which blocks the pores. Make up that contains artificial colour, which stimulates oil production, leading to blocked pores (mineral make up is the best as its both oil free & artificial colour free.
  • Occlusive moisturisers
  • Heavy cosmetics – thick and heavy cosmetics or poor quality products which are not suitable for the skin prevent the sloughing of dead cells.
  • Excessive sun exposure makes the skin thick which is unable to exfoliate naturally.
  • Advanced Cosmetic Procedures (ACP) treatment using Electrolysis is a non-surgical treatment it is the least invasive, minimal and effective method of treatment for such a wide variety of blemishes.

How does it work?
A tiny, pre-sterilised probe is used to gentle remove the lesion.  It is quick and not painful.

How many sessions?

Cost of  session?


All Face Aesthetic Clinic treatments are for both women and men and are carried out by experienced, skilled experts with the highest hygiene standards.

*We recommend all advanced treatments be carried out at least 2 weeks before a holiday, special event or wedding.*