Image Skincare Iluma Intense Lightening Serum is an intense, oil-free blend of hydroquinone, glycolic, azelaic acid and natural lightening agents to effectively lighten skin discolorations. This serum relies on a combination of botanical lighteners to give your skin a beautiful, even tone.

The serum may be used on any skin type, but it was particularly designed to treat skin that is sensitive, easily irritated by environmental factors, or damaged from excessive sunlight exposure. Regular use of this serum will promote brighter skin and a complexion that is free of impurities.

The serum is also ideal for skin that has recently been treated with a peel, as well as skin that has undergone waxing or laser treatment.

Treats: melasma, post pregnancy pigmentation, discolorations, freckles, dark spots.


  • Oil free gentle formula
  • Lightens discolouration
  • Evens skin tone
  • Paraben free

Suitable for all skin types.