Skin Heath Analysis & Consultation

Face Aesthetic Clinic is known for its Skin Journey System.

Every Skin Journey starts with an indepth Skin Consultation. Working with a dedicated experienced skin specialist to understand your current routine, future goals, expectations and all-round skin heath needs. We can then tailor a program for you to start your journey.

The first step in a Face Skin Journey is for us to fully understand your skins health and needs. This can be conduced by filling out this skin consultation. You will then be contacted to organise an online, phone or in clinic consultation. The more information you can fill in, in this consultation will give us 100% insight into your current skin health and where we can bring it.

Our Skin Journey consultation fee is €50, redeemable if you purchase products worth over €150 from our online store or in clinic.

If you decide to not purchase products then the consultation cost €50 is not redeemable.

All consultations will be followed up by a Skin Journey Plan. We also include 2 phone reviews at no extra cost. Follow up reviews are made on consultation.

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